2018 Susan’s Week 4

Monday August 6

Susan, for her first visit in France could not escape a trip to Paris. The mean of transportation was an issue. Guess how she traveled. Not in this Citroën, no way.That is wright, she flew, but the plane’s tanks had to be filled.

Tuesday August 8

No pictures were shot on day one, the pilot, photograph, tour guide was too tired to carry the camera along. The picture taking started on day 2.After the Arc de Triomphe, the Tour Effeil from the Pont Alexandre III. A real tourist tour.A stop in the Louvre was unavoidable.As we strolled by Notre Dame, we visited the archaeological site below the “Parvis” where 2000 year old artifacts were discovered.After over six hours of walking, we finally gave up and returned home by metro.

This second day way hot but so full of happiness.

Wednesday August 8

Like every other day, Subway was the way to reach our destination. Today the Center of Paris, le Marais (the Swanp).Le Marais is one of the Historical sites of Paris, it is also the Gay quarter too. Even not too visible, rainbows ornate the windows of the building in the back-ground.Most of the shops sell quite exquisite things, this one offers leather goods but the most interesting object is a Velosolex, a land mark of the third quarter of the XX Century.After an in depth visit of the Museum of Jewish traditions, we walked toward Paris former Food Market: les Halles. On the way one of the most untraditional piece of Architecture, the Musée Georges Pompidou. And behind the Musée Georges Pompidou, another unconventional piece of conversation.A sea food platter was a good way to regroup. Susan was quite amazed. She might have had good reasons.Even though we did not order a desert, they treated us with two pig heads in Meringue. If you do not know what a Meringue is, ask my buddy Google. By the way the restaurant is called Le Pied de Cochon (The Pig’s Foot), it is open 24/7 and carries one of the most remarkable Onion Soup in Paris.

With the stomachs loaded, we walked our way to one of the oldest and luxurious Department Store of Paris, Le Bon Marché. By the way “bon marché” means “affordable”, do not get fooled, prices here are up to the quality of the goods: sky rocketing.

Thursday August 9

After three hot days in Paris, the temperature fell 30F but clouds and rain became an issue. We grabbed an umbrella and headed to the Trocadero for a view on the beheaded Eiffel Tower.To see Paris from the sky a few solutions are available.
1- The Eiffel Tower when not beheaded by the clouds. But in clear weather lines are a perfect deterrent. Under two hours, you will not make it to the lifts.
2- The Tour Montparnasse is the real alternative solution. 300 feet smaller than the Eiffel Tower but lines are short (5 minutes), view is gorgeous too. So we went for it.
But before riding to the top, as we were in the Bretagne (the western province of France) a Crèpe was mandatory.After suffering from an unusual heat wave, Susan needed a sweater to confront the cold wind.

After returning home from the Tour du Montparnasse visit, we walked to China Town.

Street art discovered on the way.What is a visit in China Town worth without a dinner in one of its restaurants.
Noodle Soup with pork and a Chinese beer for Susan.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we should fly back to Orange.

Friday August 10

After Thursday’s heavy storms in the South of France, after a wet an cloudy day in the Paris area, the weather cleared up opening a window for a comfortable flight home.

A three hour flight from Etampes, an air field 30 miles south of Paris to Valréas, my base North of Orange.

A scattered layer of low clouds, little wind, take off at 10AM.Later the layer of clouds got thicker, we climbed to 8000 feet, to proceed in good conditions.

At 1AM the plane landed marking the end of a nice trip to Paris. Susan is now ready for an ENCORE. I hope she will keep her guide for her next trip.

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