2018 Susan’s Week 2

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Monday July 23

This second Monday of her first visit was centered around the city of Vaison la Romaine. This city, like quite a few of Provence’s cities, has a double life: the Roman period and the Middle Ages. Two totally different ways of life.A city cannot exist without water, here the river Ouvèze.
Rivers require bridges. This bridge dates back to the Roman area even though it has been restructured throughout its life.A medieval city is structured around a castle.
A castle is on the high point of the area.
To see the castle, a little bit of climbing is required.There it is, on top of the hill.We then visited the Roman part of the city, no pictures, sorry!Of course, when in France…
So the Sacred Lunch could not be skipped.
The menu seemed attractive enough for a try, that is why we share it with you.
Just be careful, “ENTREES” means “Appetizers”.
And of course “Plats du jour” (Dish of the day) means “Entree”.
Do not get confused. Enjoy!

Tuesday July 24

No wind, Sunshine, a window of opportunity for a nice flight.

On the way to our destination we flew over the city we visited yesterday: Vaison la Romaine. If you carefully look at the picture, in the center you will discover the Roman Amphitheater and in the background the medieval part of the city.The Captain seems to be happy with his passenger’s appreciation of this flight.Our destination is at the end of the valley of the lake’s branch to the right.
On the right hand side of the picture, you will find the dam that make this artificial lake a reality and a source of Green Electricity.An over flight of the field to select the down wind.
In less than five minutes we will be on the ground.30 seconds to touch down.We made it!
Lets go for what we flew for: LUNCH in one of the best restaurants of the region.Susan selected a Sword Fish Steack. A sweet challenge to clean the plate.And after the Sword Fish got pictured, it disappeared from the plate.
It tells you how delicious it was when a glass of White one came to the enhancement.On the way back, five minutes to landing, a view of the Wine Yards and the village of Seguret..

Another day of discoveries.

Wednesday July 26 / Thursday July 27

Last Friday the house was stuck by lighting, two things went off: the Modem and the control board of the AC. The maintenance guy came the next day on Saturday, he ordered the replacement part, AC should be running again next Tuesday. Ten days without AC. Of course, wind shield wipers never break down during Sun Shine, they break down when you really need them, so does the AC. To fight the heat a few solutions are available, chilled glasses of local Rosé, a dive in the swimming pool, a comfortable armchair in the shadow under an Olive tree. Good news, both are available. Sweat is the moto of the day, I should say the moto of the week.

Susan thought she could avoid the brutal Florida Summer flying to the South of France. Provence proved her partially wrong, she gets the heat but not the humidity. Without AC, Provence’s afternoon nap remains a sweaty challenge.

After a tourist rich moment, now Susan gets embedded into the real French way of life: the Froggy’s eldest daughter landed with her four kids. A new start, a second ambiance for her first stay. Pictures will be coming soon.

Stay tuned.

Friday July 28

Who says that in Europe they lag behind US technology and Internet?
They have it too. Does Susan seem amazed to be able to read her emails?
Certainly not while enjoying a local Spritz.

Saturday July 29

Saturday was a Club’s social event evening: a Tajine was on the menu.
But what is a Tajine? It is one of the healthy dishes of a Moroccan tradition.
For more info, do not hesitate to Google.

But to make it to the Club someone had to drive the car. Guess who volunteered? The first mile was not totally stress exempt.
Susan was quite curious about the recipe. It really looks healthy, Chicken, Veggies, Couscous
(another one from North Africa).Social events start with a glass of wine and a conversation to break the ice. France has a reputation of promoting chauvinism. This picture shows otherwise. From left to right a Floridian, a Brit, our host a French lady, a gentleman from Belgium.
Chauvinist you thought?
And the Club hosted another successful event.

Sunday July 30

With the AC down the day was quite easy, lazy going. The only Land Mark was a walk to the center of the city for a coffee on the Town Hall Plaza.If you want to meet us, walk to the purple sail.That is where we meet, the Café de l’Univers. See you there.


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