Switching into dark ages

June 2018 Letter to an American Love

Beloved Susan,
you made me discover Morning Joe. As I returned home, I found a way to connect my computer on MSNBC live stream. Listening to Morning Joe, I start restructuring some thoughts. It does not make me a Conservative and BTW, someone has to offer me a definition of Conservatism.

About D.J. Trump nickname

As I began writing about POTUS, I nicknamed him Benito Pinocchio.
Why ? Quite easy:
– Pinocchio because he permanently lies, his nose should now have grown from coast to coast.
– Benito because of his mimics while he talks. They remind me of a clown named Benito Mussolini.
A stunning example

Adding another qualifier

Ever since the children crisis begun, Morning Joe tone has significantly changed from distant critic to simple outrage. Before, the hosts tried to keep the criticism as low keyed as possible, linked to facts, pointing obvious administration lies, obvious facts distortion. But now, for the first time they, Morning Joe, reluctantly but vocally, used comparisons with the nazi’s speeches and protocols. For the first time Morning Joe finger pointed all Trump administration members and supporters alike as “Accomplices” of an ethical crime against Democracy. To “Accomplices”, I could add “Colluders”. I was quite amazed.

Qualifying a government, his leader, of “Hitler like” is usually counterproductive, as counterproductive as Trump’s hyperboles. That is one of the reasons I had not, till now, added Adolfo to POTUS nick name. I was aware of the risks of being as excessive therefore as meaningless as Trump is. When he describes Muslims, Hispanic, non white Christians, he uses the same rhetoric Hitler did.

We all agree, from an historical point of view, the current tone used by the administration, if it is not a call for genocide it uses the same rhetoric.
An example of the nationalist vision of differences:
– Very little differences between the nazi rhetoric and MAGA.
– Very little differences between the anti-semitic and anti Hispanic migrant vocabulary.

Free wheeling Tweeting government

For the first time, he made a real error, not a fake one. Following his instincts, scaring the people around him, DOJ, DHS, the Republican Party, he refuses to listen to contradicting, structured, educated points of view.
– Your economy needs workers: build a wall, go at war with migrants.
– Your economy is integrated, objects flow freely from one place to another to optimize the costs: kill optimization, put tariffs, start a trade war.
– Your currency suffers from a huge budget deficit: add 110 billions of military spending and give the very wealthiest a tax break.
– Your administration denounces the Iran deal that could be improved: fall in love with Killer Kim without counter-part.
– Your administration insults allies: praises dictators.
The list is endless, it starts to show the obvious contradictions.

The democratic and ethical net is tightening. The current administration wiggle room shrinks by the day.
Illiteracy, narcissism, will not have the upper hand, they are digging their own grave. Miller, Bannon, Pruit, S.H. Sanders, to name some of the most obvious ones, are doing a good job: they dig. This mess cannot last for ever.

The American people and the Congress, the Institutions in general, are about to wake up and prove me right when I predicted he would not last four years.