The Great Fall of a Clown

November 22 / 2020

On November 3, 2020 the American voters closed the debate which chooses the next president of the United States. From then on the remaining tasks were to count the ballots and certify the result. In a normal democratic country the rule is simple: one (wo)man one vote. This perfectly calibrated process designates the winner of the ballot within hours of closing. In the US, the vagaries of electoral legislation make the verdict either uncertain or even worse, contrary to popular expression. These events allowed in 2016 the appointment of a clown who had lost the popular vote.

As soon as his candidacy became official in 2015, I predicted that, if elected, the real estate clown would not last two years. Despite an Impeachment procedure, he held out to the end of his term. His obvious incompetence, his pervasive narcissism, and his street vendor patter disqualified him from playing the role that a failing electoral system assigned him despite opposition from the popular will. In the 2016 election, the clown won fewer votes than his opponent, three million to be precise. He was nevertheless appointed, not elected, president. From an ethical point of view, this appointment points to a real challenge, a democratic deficit.

But where is this democratic deficit?
This deficit explodes in the sight of everyone through three axes visible to all.
These three axes are respectively
– deceptive and tautological communications seasoned with excesses of all kinds,
– the cowardice of Trumpian elected officials backed by a short-term vision,
– the electoral law for the selection of the president.

First axis.
Through the presidential lies raised to the level of a gospel, permanent lies contradicted by the facts, lies shouted and repeated by the media in search of audience via breaking news, lies softly criticized, this permanent denial of reality swallowed by an irreducible fringe of the electorate, leads to a disappearance of the democratic essence. By the assumed use of tautology, by the assumed repetition of blatant lies, this environment leads to a denial of reality. The examples are numerous, among the most toxic we will find the denial of Russian interference, the pressures on the presidency of Ukraine, the refusal to make public his Tax Reports, the invention of international plots… This divisive speech, structured in the permanent lie, Manichean, racist, without contact with reality, by essence xenophobic and populist, this speech throws under the bus the divergent opinions of its own majority and denies the counter-powers any form of denunciation of the crimes and offenses of a corrupt administration. The clown will have paved the way for conspiracy myths which, by nature, destroy the peaceful relationship with others. The other is necessarily bad, not by his actions but simply by his existence. The other must be destroyed. Despite the obvious lies, misdemeanors and crimes, the fear of confrontation with a misguided authority will have paralyzed a terrorized administration.

Second axis.
This second axis is structured around the senatorial representation of the so-called Republican party. The elected representatives of the Trumpian presidential majority know that the demographic pressure is against them. They want to keep the benefits that the federal state offers them. In fact, elected officials of the so-called Republican party fear above all interference from a president in the primary elections. The very nature of primary elections allows the president to appoint the candidate of his choice. Today these candidates for the nomination by the primaries gave Master Classes in boot-licking. However, in many elections, this mechanism did show its limits, the Mid-Term elections will have brought a Democrat majority the House. On the other hand, the senatorial elections, by the inertia of the voting procedures, these elections did not allow the expected change of majority. However, all is not lost. In the event that Georgia’s two senatorial elections are won by the Democrats, both sides will be tied but the Democrats will have a decisive advantage thanks to the vice president’s vote.

Third axis.
The electoral college, an institution imposed more than two centuries ago by the technical constraints of the moment, has opened the way in less than twenty years to a denial of popular expression on two occasions. In 2000 Bush Jr. won the Electoral College vote with a sleight of hand despite losing the popular vote. In 2016, the clown lost the popular vote with three millions less votes than Hilary but won the nomination by the Electoral College. As the clown claimed during the campaign for his re-election, by dumping dumps of lies, senseless plots, the clown and his Trumpian party are trying to rig the election.