Massive Shooting 1 / English

Beginning of August 2019

In August 2019, two young white Americans opened fire on passersby with the aim of killing as many people as possible. At the time of writing these pages, the « score » is twenty-two dead in El Paso Texas and nine in Dayton Ohio. Beyond the natural indignation provoked by these incomprehensible gestures, it is advisable to put them in perspective by looking at the numbers.

Keep in mind that it is very important to avoid engaging in non-rational approaches, approaches that use exceptions to define general rules.

In preamble, some elements.

  1. Health issues
    Neither tobacco nor alcohol are harmful to health: I knew an old guy who smoked a pack of tobacco and drank his pint of Cognac on a daily basis. He died in good health at the age of 92.
    Everyone should follow this example to remain in excellent health.
  2. Good driving habits
    The safety belt is dangerous: in many cases it is better to be ejected from the car than to be strangled or trapped in the car by the so called safety belt.
    So I never click, my life is worth all the tickets.
  3. Personnal security
    If each of us had a weapon for personal protection, crime rate would decrease. It should be added that the more powerful the weapon, the more of a deterrent it is.
    As an insurance coverage is required to drive a car, the mandatory possession of an assault rifle will enhance personal safety.
  4. Help TSA: always carry a bomb
    Knowing that the probability of the presence of an explosive device on board an aircraft is one in a million, the probability that there will be two bombs on board and one in a thousand billion.
    That’s why I always carry a bomb with me.

Some objections perhaps?

  1. Tobacco, Alcohol and happy old age
    All studies and medical research show, without any ambiguity, the danger of tobacco and alcohol. The case mentioned above either does not exist or this Grand-Pa has won the National Lottery.
  2. Road safety
    The seat belt is proven to save lives and if, in extreme and rare cases, it could worsen the consequences of the accident, wearing a seat belt saves many lives.
  3. Weapons and personal security
    This point will be discussed below.
  4. Bomb (s) on board an airplane
    I hope I do not have to develop this point and demonstrate how ridiculous this statement is.

In other words always look at the broard view to make a decision. Be rational.
But, today, is the USA rational when it comes to guns?
The following link will give you, I hope, a rational opinion.