Massive Shooting 3 – English

How about doing stats on similar countries.

It is interesting to compare Apples to Apples. It is the object of the preceding pages: compare, by countries, the number of deaths by firearms per capita. This raw value gives an idea of ​​the probabilities of being shot.
However it should be noted that the « Massive Shooting » and air plane crashes make the headlines in newspapers and other TV News Channels.
However, there are many more unique people killed by individual acts and road accidents than by these « Massive Shootings » or air plane crashes. These individual killings are background noise just as road accidents but neither should be underestimated.

The following table compiles data extracted from this page already mentioned earlier. The left part of the table shows a strong correlation between the number of weapons and the deaths related to them.
A remark about suicides: the number of suicides in France stands out and might require a confirmation. For the countries mentioned in this table, the number of suicides is approximately twice as high than the number of homicides. By displaying a suicide rate five times higher than the ones in other countries, this French gap requires us to use this number with care.


Per capita, the US has ten times more weapons than France or Italy.
Per capita, the number of homicides committed in the USA is twenty times higher than the number of homicides committed in France and fifteen times higher than the homicides committed in Italy.

From this part of the table it is possible to draw the following conclusion:

When normalized per capita
– the higher the weapon count,
– the higher the number of homicides.

Ratio Weapons / Homicides

The question is whether a weapon kills more or less depending on the density of weapons. In other words, if we double the number of weapons, do we double the number of people killed?
This is the object of the right part of the table. In this table, the smaller the number, the higher the mortality rate per weapon.

If we normalize the value of suicides in France, the ratio (Total of death / Gun count) is stable.

  • approximately one death per year for ten thousand weapons.

On the other hand, for homicides only, the larger the number of weapons, the fewer weapons are needed per death.
In France and Italy the weapon count per capita is ten times lower than in the USA.
In the USA twenty six thousand weapons weapons equate to one killing.
In Italy it takes thirty-seven thousand weapons equate to one killing.
In France seventy one thousand weapons equate to one killing.

From this part of the table, with regard to homicides, we draw the following conclusion:

  • The fewer the weapons, the more weapons it takes to commit an homicide.
  • The fewer the weapons, the higher the sucide count per weapon.

When it comes to homicide, the homicide count decreases faster than the weapon count.
This is the very definition of the virtuous circle.

Now you can choose your side, but if you are wrong, the numbers are indisputable.

Thank you for your attention.