Open letter to an american long time friend

Florida, October 2017

Dear AM,

I love this country, the American people, I always have, I always will. What puzzles and worries me is the growing populism that created the monster now in the WH. Trump is a rule breaker, that is sometimes needed, even in France we elected a rule breaker. But to efficiently break the rules, you have to understand them or at least minimally accept their existence.

Donald Pinocchio Trump wants to break the rules but refuses their existence, he refuses the reality, he is a plain liar, he lies to you as well as to himself. His speeches are punctuated with numerous “Believe me…” Do you need this punctuation if you tell the truth.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and whatever he pretends, he is a a lousy business man who survived bankruptcy because he was too big to fail. The Acme of his business practice was the Taj Mahal Casino where, against odds and wisdom, he invested a fortune, not only his but the investors too. Backed by his unmistakable intuition, his ignominious Taj Mahal adventure failed being survivable. When you owe the bank hundred grants you are in trouble. When you owe the bank 100 Million, the bank is in trouble. To survive the lenders had to accept to pay royalties to defaulted Trump just to be allowed to use his name but not his management practice.

After failing in managing properly his casino’s investments, he successfully turned into a TV clown. Is being a successful TV clown with a laughing audience a serious way to structure political thinking ?

Now this used cars sales person is in charge of the WH. What an insult to your traditions. You probably needed an incentive to think out of the Washington DC box. As such Trump could or might have proven useful. Putting aside his conspiracy theories, his Obama birth certificate obsession, his hyperboles, the clown sounded sometimes funny and pointed some real problems. But his swiss cheese world’s vision, more holes than matter, makes him a danger to Democracy, a danger to the USA.

Sir Winston once said:
“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see”.
Unfortunately his belly button is his only horizon. Poor America, you once had an open world vision. Now like a dying star, you collapse into a black hole. And there will be collateral damages.

When he got elected, even though he lost the popular vote, with the help of your rock solid institutions, I predicted he would last only two years. I cross my fingers hoping to be right and avoid an eight years nightmare.

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