Destination Iraq / Afghanistan / USA

2017 – Some stats

When it comes to violent death by fire arms, the probality of being killed is higher in the USA than in countries like Iraq or Afghanistan.
Below you will find the violent death rates by guns per 100,000 people.
And the winners are:

  1. USA with 4.43
  2. Afghanistan 3.96
  3. Iraq 3.54

Remember that the latter two countries are living in a civil war environment.

If you still wish to spend your vacations in the USA, the following graph will give you a hint on a safe destination. Just avoid Alaska.

Europe or Israel might still be a decent solution.
Using the same ratio as above, some numbers can be found following this link.

  1. USA 4.46
  2. Israel 1.04
  3. Canada 0.61
  4. Sweden 0.32
  5. France 0.21
  6. Switzerland 0.15
  7. Great Britain 0.06

Even though Israel is in a non Peace situation, it is four time less dangerous to be there.
Canada, your neighbor is seven times safer.
France with its islamic radical situation remains twenty times safer than the US.
And Great Britain with strict gun laws beats the USA with a walk out: seventy, yes 70, times safer.

Why is the USA an exception in the civilized world?
An explanation can be found in the link bellow.