Distortion/Denial of Democracy

19 mai 2020 / May 19 2020

Article qui décrit les perversions du système électoral US.
Une traduction sera proposée dès que possible.

A precious American friend of mine sent me the article inserted below. An analysis is offered after the article.


The article posted above explains the various technicalities that could, may or will happen under the current US presidential electoral system to trigger once again a Denial of Democracy. When the candidate brought to power is not the one chosen by the Popular vote, this event is called a Denial of Democracy. Beyond the technicalities explaining the failures of the Electoral College current processes, the American modern society has promoted a global self centered behavior. This behavior, this modern motto, killed the generous approach that, till renctly, lead the USA to World Leadership. The Leadership killer is Winner takes all.

In the last sixteen years, the Electoral College twice failed and reversed the Popular vote. For the 2000 Presidential Election, the Florida farce successfully pushed Bush the loser of the Popular vote to the Presidency. He had lost the Popular vote to Gore by half a million votes. The last Presidential election, 2016, was even worse, Trump lost the Popular vote by three million but still won the Electoral College.

In a functioning Democracy, when one candidate gets the majority of the votes, the Electoral College should acknowledge the result and name the winner of the Popular vote. The democratic process denial is that in 2000 and 2016, this did not happen. In both cases, the winner of the Popular vote lost the election.

In 2000 Bush had lost the Popular vote by less than 1% and won the Electoral vote with less than 2%. The Electoral votes were lost in the Florida farce. Putting the Florida farce aside, the denial of democracy was marginal. On the other hand the price to pay was beyond repair: the State Lie about Irak’ WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) draw the US and beyond the whole World into a War Chaos.

In 2016 the winner lost the Popular vote by a 5% margin. The loser of the Popular vote won the Electoral vote with a 33% margin. This is not a marginal glitch, this is a democratic process disaster. If the 2000 election can be considered as the collateral damage of an aging electoral system, the 2016 election is a scandal by it self. The cause lays in a fundamental flaw that is found in the current American motto: “Winner takes all” promoted by the Electoral College designation rules.

To restore the American Leadership that twice in the Twentieth Century saved the world by ending World Wars, the first step is to kill the current Electoral College.