Susan’s Summer 2019 Week 6

Kind of half way into Susan’s summer three month trip in France.
The first part of the week will be a family moment in the West of France.Here motor boats have only one engine and the power is usually under 100HP.Family reunion, here the cousins are almost at full count, one only is missing.On both sides of the big pond, such a gathering means FOOD!
Cannot escape.Took a day off on our own to visit the Marais de Grande Brière. I left the WIKI link in French, the one in English is almost non-existent.After a light lunch, we rented a row boat for the afternoon. A nice and slow way to discover this rather well preserved area.Two hours of rowing in an undisturbed, silent environement.Nice encounters, here a Kingfisher.By the end of the trip, a local needed to talk to some one, we happened to be around.
In a dense 15 minutes speech, we became scholars of what has to be known of la Grande Brière. On the other hand, it was too dense to be digested in such a short period of time.Susan was promoted to additional Grand-Ma with the bottle duty.
Both seemed to be enjoying the situation.Before leaving and returning to Paris, we were offered a Flute concert by Salome. This week end a visit to the 100 years of Citroën. I had registered from Florida in March and hoped to be among the happy visitors of the event.
Kolossal error, I was not expected, my payment had not gone through and I had no way to check if I has paid or not.
Furious I left the event without meeting my friends from Seattle who were attending.On Saturday, to calm down, we met with my long time buddy for a appeasing moment.But happilly, my Seattle buddies made it to my future new home.
A 2CV with a Washington St license plate, quite amazing.For them it was a short stop on their way back to Germany.
But at least after 6 years, we met on this side of the pond.
Here a reminder of the good time spent together in 2014.