The Death of Justice

May 8 2020

8 mai 2020

On May 7, 2020, Fakident’s Administration offers us a dismal spectacle in the midst of the COVID health crisis. Fakident Pinocchio and his criminal accomplice, Attorney General Barr show once again their dislike for ethics and promote denial of reality. What follows is all about this political crime: the murder of the American image.

From the first part of his term, when he still could be named Donald Trump, he denied any Russian meddling into his election. Remember that Trump is elected by the electoral college, therefore he must thank the distortion of the central rule of democracy: “One man / One vote”. Trump won 63 million votes, Clinton 66 million. In a normal country, she would be elected. However, the 2016 presidential campaign was greatly disrupted by Russian interference. Trump, from the start, denied the existence of such interference, although it has been widely proven. Since the beginning Pinocchio will never stopped denying, against all evidence, these interferences. From his point of view, accepting the idea of Russian interference de-legitimizes his election.

In order to prepare for the transition, he named as adviser an unconventional General whose career did not leave an irreproachable trace, Obama himself had placed him on a sideline. This is probably why he was chosen. Flynn, since being shelved, dealt with the Russians and Turks, offering them hints, clues and information on US politics. To remain legal, Flynn should have declared his activities to the Intelligence Services and to the IRS. He obviously failed to do.

During the transition period from the end of November 2016 to the beginning of January 2017, the Obama administration sanctioned Russia for its interference in the election. Simultaneously Obama’s Administration transmitted to the Trump team the sensitive information needed for the transition of power and in particular what relates to the Russian activities on the US territory as well as all the files and protocols which will make possible the fight against a possible pandemic.

Meanwhile, Flynn plays a double game being at the same time a Russian agent and adviser to the president. Upon the transfer of power, the director of the FBI relaunched a vast investigation about the Russian networks. This investigation immediately highlights the harmful activities of Flynn who, 24 days after the inauguration, is forced to resign from his position as Security Advisor. The investigation into Flynn’s activities led him to negotiate a Guilty Plea with the prosecutors. The Guilty Plea on two minor points in the Flynn’s case guaranteed, him and his son, immunity. For this immunity he signed two Guilty Pleas. In order for prosecutors to accept these confessions and grant him immunity, Flynn had to collaborate with the prosecutors. This collaboration with the prosecution will lead, among others, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, two political gangsters from Trump’s orbit, into prison. After two years of procrastination and various postponements which delayed the pronouncement of the sentence in Flynn’s case, the appointment of Barr as Attorney General significantly changed the situation. The major reason for this change is that Barr behaves like a Pinocchio lackey.

What follows was unavoidable. On May 7, the Attorney General drops the charges against Flynn, leaving the sole judge in charge of the case to pursue the action alone. The Americans pretend to cherish and respect  respect “The Rule of Law”, a Rule of which the Attorney General should be the secular arm. By acting the way he does Barr does not enforce the Rule of Law, he acts as Fakident’s lawyer. He turned into the infamous Roy Cohn. In other words the Justice Department is now led by a dangerous gangster: Roy Barr or Bill Cohn, pick your choice.

Tragically the trio, traitor Flynn protected by the corrupt couple Barr-Trump, has now killed the American dream. America does not hold anymore the Torch of Liberty. My dream is now perfectly dead.


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  1. jlc Auteur de l’article

    Received this mail from Dave Brown
    Hello Jean-Louis,
    Question: How many emails do your receive from US citizens criticizing the French government? I’m going to guess 0.
    Although I support your right to your opinions, please refrain from sending them to me.
    Hi Dave,
    this is not a matter of opinions, this is a matter of ethics.
    Your current administration is the Queen of double talks.
    To say the least, double talks are political crimes.
    And if France was in a double talk, double standard, in a breach of ethics, you would hear me shout.
    Help me please, point one, I will do a follow up.

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