2018 Susan’s Week 2

Monday July 23 Vaison la Romaine

Most of the cities in Provence that are located close to a hill have two identities. The hill part is Middle-Ages, the plain is Roman. So is Vaison la Romaine.

Let’s climb the hill to get to the Castle.

Here we are.

Behind is le Mont Ventoux.


Tuesday July 24 Bercelonnette

On the way to Barcelonnette we fly above Vaison la Romaine. In the center of the picture, the dark spot is the Roman Amphitheater, this one lost its wall.

Pilot seems to be in charge.

Entering the Vallée de l’Ubaye, the right branch of the lake.

Touch down in 15 seconds.

Ready for lunch.

Sword fish, not really a local product.


Wednesday July 25

Thrusday July 26

Some of Jean-Louis’s grand-children love flying.

This time Nathan deserves a drink in Aubenas.

Friday July 27

Even on Fridays the network is working.

Dinner with one branch of the kids.

Saturday July 28

Today we have a lunch planned at the Air Club. Susan is in charge, of driving at least.

Cosmopolitan attendance, four people, four nationalities. From left to right, US, Brit, French Belgium.

The dish of the day is a Tajine.

Empty plates an glasses speak for themselves

Sunday July 29

Orange’s Town Hall.

Traditionnal Expresso at le Café de l’Univers.

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