2018 Susan’s Week 4

Monday August 6 : Week in Paris

When in France for the first time, even if Provence has a lot to show, not getting a taste of Paris is a sin. So to avoid Hell, that is where we are bound to go.

Traveling in style is the only way to go.

Tuesday August 7

Needless to say where this picture is taken.

Pont Alexandre III

Louvre. But this time Mona Lisa will be left alone with her groupies


Wednesday August 8

En route for the quartier du Marais.

In this part of Paris, LGBT are quite present. Look carefully at the windows and balconies.

This shop sells beautiful leather products, but the conversation piece is a Velosolex. The French version of the Harley Davidson.

A visit at the Jewish Traditions Museum.

Nope, this building is not under construction. This is the way it is supposed to be, an Art Exhibition Center, le Centre Georges Pompidou.

No comments.

After such an exhausting walk, nothing replaces an Seafood Platter


Thrusday August 9

Due to low ceiling, the Eiffel tower got beheaded. So we skipped the climbing. On the other hand, it is a good idea, lines are deterrent.

Crèpes, a regional dish of Bretagne, the western province of France. Fermented apple cider is the only possible drink.

To have a bird’s view above Paris, la Tour Montparnasse is a nice alternate solution. Behind Susan, the Eiffel Tower, and way further, Manhattan on the river Seine, le quartier de la Défense, Paris business center.

La quartier de la Butte aux Cailles.

En route for China Town.

Cosmopolitan, here we eat.


Friday August 10

Just took off on the way home. Touch down in 3 hours.

Quite cloudy, but the ground remains visible.

Saturday August 11 : back home in Orange

The Watch Dog is a Watch Cat. Thieves beware.

The second set of grand-children.

Sunday August 12

Léontine’s first flight with the Grand-Pa known as Saba.

On this Sunday the volunteers got a Tour des Dentelles de Montmirail.


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