2018 Susan’s Week 5

Monday August 13

Lucien is hired for leaves blowing.

Tuesday August 14

Another view of the Mont Ventoux

One of Henry IV (the French one) prestigious soldier.


Wednesday August 15 : Flee Market

This is a mix of Flee Market, Antique Show and Garage sale. The latter is called in France an Empty your Attic.

Susan found a treasure: a sugar bowl.

One of the nice stands.

The shadow of the solar’s quadrant needle points X (ten o’clock). On everyone’s watch you read Noon. Where is the bug? Can the sun be wrong?
No, simple, day light saving is in France 2 hours ahead of the sun. The sun is right, so are the watches.

Thrusday August 16

Hoops, no pictures!

Friday August 17

Hoops, no pictures!

Saturday August 18 : Aix en Provence / Vasarely

Susan loves Vasarely. The Vasarely foundation is in Aix en Provence. Just do it.

The matching stripes.

Give me a clue, how can I bring one back home.

After such a moment of graphic art, we all needed a moment of gastronomical art. Toinou is one famous place for seafood.

Two Master platters are gone. Susan looks simultaneously satisfied and a bit guilty.

Sunday August 19 : at the stick, last flight as commander

Fayence, a nice field near Cannes on the Riviera.This is the route of this very last two hours flight. A moment that will for ever remain in my memory.

The return leg of the flight will be along the Riviera from Cannes to Montpellier. This will be my last flight, it will never be forgotten.


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