2018 Susan’s Week 6

Monday August 20 : l’Isle sur la Sorgue

L’Isle sur la Sorgue is famous for its Antiques Market(s). As an incentive to increase the desire to return next Summer, A visit of the Antiques Market(s). On the other hand the city is worth the walk.

Lunch time!


Not comments. Happy tourists.

An art exhibit around fabrics.Delicate good taste is not always a pre-requisite.

On the way back a stop in Carpentras.

Tuesday August 21

Susan wished to treat us with a nice dinner in town. I went out of my classical, famous, standard overall attire. It made her laugh.

Wednesday August 22 : Carpentras

Yes Susan looks puzzled, raw hacked beef called here a Steak Tartare.

A shopping mall built 200 years ago.

Chocolate makers founded 70 years ago. Still active.

A fake window, painted way before Trump got elected.

A last dinner around a Magret de Canard (Duck Filet) cooked on a plancha.

A plancha is a steel sole heated by gas burners. Advantage: no flames, food never charcoaled.


Thrusday August 23 : she is leaving today

Last breakfast.

Waiting for the train.



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