Denial of Reality

March 8, 2020

As a follow up about Tautology, the article published yesterday, Bankrupt Pinocchio insistently pursues his trajectory about denial of reality. Until now I had refused to quote the clown, this time the lines of decency are crossed.

The following tweet deserves to spend a few moments reading it. This message contains four elements.

  1. We have a plan.
  2. We knew it way in advance.
  3. The VP is the right guy.
  4. The Fake News lies again.

In this message we find the elements described in the article Tautology, namely putting forward myths and lies, the denial of reality, the repetition of these elements in multiple forms.

  1. The White House, in fact the president alone, has all the skills.
    He knows more about the epidemic than the CDC.
    He knows better than his generals how to handle a war…
    This is why the competent officials are fired, the useless budgets reduced or suppressed.
    This element of language of the “Very Stable Genius” is a constant, a self-satisfaction systematically repeated, it is therefore certainly true.
    In fact, like god, he is omniscient, omnipotent. How lucky we are!
  2. Among the recurring elements, we find the border closure which is the central obsession. Fortunately, the wall built by the White House, paid for by Mexico, effectively stops any form of human, microbial or even viral invasion.
  3. Mike Pence, a proven bigot, a certified creationist, a negationist of scientific reality, showed his total incompetence when he was governor of Indiana. His calamitous management of the AIDS crisis will have propelled Indiana at the head of the American states for the number of HIV positive people. One article among many others by clicking here .
  4. Finally, for good measure, a usual attack on journalists who try to show reality.

For the attentive reader, this tweet is an example of tautology.
The message is repeated, reality denied.

As Bankrupt Pinocchio denies the reality of the situation,
today I make a wish:

Let COVID-19 catch up with him, let COVID-19 do its job.

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