Kill them all, God will recognize His own

General framework

Governments, administrations, organizations, are trying to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to make their decisions stronger, more effective, these actions are often called war against the virus. Like most of us, decision-makers do not have the competence to initiate useful, necessary or harmful actions from their Ivory Tower. Only scientists have the competence to take charge of the fight against the pandemic. Only they can indicate the paths to follow. It will be up to elected officials to try to understand the pandemic and its consequences in order to implement the recommended policies.

Most often, faced with an unknown or simply unusual situation, it is possible to choose in a perfectly rational way two families of totally antagonistic solutions. In the case of COVID-19, faced with the apparent absence of references, two solutions were available to decision-makers.

Solution 1: Let it go

The first solution claims that infected individuals would naturally develop useful antibodies and therefore heal. Certainly there would be some deaths, but these losses would be statistically negligible.

This optimistic vision of auto immunization limits the harmful consequences on growth at the cost of a few premature deaths. These deaths, obviously the weakest, and therefore the most useless, will not impact the activity of the nation, nor Wall Street euphoria one may add.

At the beginning of the declared world pandemic, among the proponents of this choice, we will mainly find populists such as Bolsonaro in Brazil, Johnson in Great Britain and the White House narcissus Fakident in the US. However, faced with the health disaster, these two clowns changed their policies and activated the precautionary principle. This lagging decision will have a human cost.

Solution 2: The Precautionary Principle

The second approach is based on the precautionary principle. In view of the initial spread of the then epidemic in the Huan province, the approach chosen by the Chinese government is to avoid contact between individuals in order to limit the spread of the disease. This last choice, tight confinement, obviously poses the problem of the cost of stopping activities and therefore the choice of the various methods of its financing.

Religion, sport and the epidemic

It is clear that on both sides of the Atlantic religious congregations have been the initial engines of awareness of modes of contagion. In France, in the city of Mulhouse, an evangelical assembly gathered for several days a large group of faithful. One of them carrying COVID-19 passed it on to his neighbors. When all returned home, they did in turn contaminate their relatives, relatives who in turn …

In the US, in the far northern suburbs of New York City, during Purim celebrations, one of the members of the ultra-Orthodox community of New Rochelle also have infected participants who in turn …

It is true that international travel will also have obviously and predictably facilitated the spread of the virus. On the other hand, it did not reach the thinking of decision-makers that sports or religious meetings would be vectors of transmission of the disease. Flights from certain regions were soon suspended. In the process, the sports leagues sought and found solutions to avoid participating in the spread of the now pandemic. All sporting events got suspended.

Procrastination and Irresponsibility in the USA

As early as December, federal authorities were warned by the intelligence community of the threat of the spread of the virus epidemic into a pandemic. For almost three months, the federal administration denied the existence of the danger, just a minor kind of flu, which will disappear as it happened. The numerous speeches of the White House on this subject by the clown Fakident bear witness to the above.

Suddenly, at the end of March, faced with the development of the pandemic, in particular in the New York City area, a gradual change in tone took place. Change of speech but not taking responsibility to lead the fight against the pandemic at federal level. In fact the federal policy is « Each for himself and God for all ». Some vague directives, no centralized action were taken. Every one knows that the virus respects administrative borders, so why bother at the Nation level. The White House flees its responsibilities and blames the local authorities who have let themselves be overwhelmed.

Faced with the absence of precise and strong directives from the federal state, certain governors worshiping the clown of the White House did not take any decision. The Governor of Florida is one of them. The following is indicative of a criminal mindset. On March 30, 2020, the buffoon governor of Florida, Ron de Santis, issued the following order that you can read by clicking here.

In order to show you the level of stupidity of the Florida’s buffoon, you will find below an extract from the document that refers to religious gatherings.
Note with pleasure that religious freedom is safeguarded, space constraints are suggested but not imposed. Florida puts the lives of citizens back in Divine Hands.

In order to reward the faithful, the Master of the Universe, in his immense leniency, will not fail to protect them the same way he did in Mulhouse and New Rochelle.

As Albert Einstein said:

« Two things are endless, the Universe and human stupidity.
However, as far as the Universe is concerned, I am not sure. »

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