Language Blurps

16 septembre 2020

Some people think that Joe Biden is not fit to be President.
I have news for these voters. They should look back over their shoulder.
Biden tongue may sometimes slip & slide but he never fucks up (forget F***).
Sigmund, you know Freud, the Shrink’s Messiah, offered that aphasia, meaning using one word in place of another, gives an insight into the offender’s mind structure.
Trump’s last burp is magnificent. It offers a clear view on the reasoning guiding his COVID policies. During a televised interview, he used « Mentality » in place of « Immunity ». Heard Immunity leads without the shadow of a doubt to a US death count over 3 million, in other words one thousand time the 9/11 casualty.
Thank you criminal Donald.
Still ready to vote for the Russian traitor?

In case you do not get it, just listen what a long time proven conservative analyses the slur.