Susan’s Summer 2019 Week 1

Left Florida on June 9, landed Monday June 10, almost dead. SNAFU!
Unable to take any pictures while begging for a visa at the US Embasy on Tuesday.
Wednesday was a kind of Day Off with Carole, Laurent and grand-kids.

June 13 First Getaway

As Notre-Dame de Paris is inaccessible, drove to Chartres. After D Day, Mc Do, Hollywood movies, TV SitComs, the Great invasion continues: Bagels are on their way.A sister of Notre-Dame de Paris, la Cathédrale de Chartres.The Cathédrale might be almost one thousand years old, a page of History was written here in June 1940 when during the French retreat, Jean Moulin handed over the administration of the County to the German invaders. Weeks later he joined the Free French and led the Resistance till he got arrested and killed by the infamous Klaus Barbie.

Week End in Normandy

On the heels of the 75th Anniversary of the D Day, a four day trip was planned. Friday and Monday were dedicated to a back-road discovery. No Friday nor Monday pictures.

Saturday June 15

The day started with a visit to the German Cemetary. A very lean but moving set-up. Like in Yad Vashem, here in this cemetary, trees are planted.
The sponsors add a word. Here it says: « Only Peace has a Future »
A message of hope.We had lunch in a fake air field where a P47 caught my eye. Too bad, it was a fake plane too.The first stop after lunch was at Sainte Mère l’Eglise famous for the poor landing of a paratrooper who got trapped on the tower of the Church.The day ended at the British Cemetary.

Sunday June 16

The day started at Bayeux where the famous Tapestry of Bayeux tells the story of the conquest of the British Throne by Willem the Conqueror.Photograpy is prohibited, click on the link above.Before the last stage, we stopped for lunch in Port en Bessin in a restaurant named « The Feet in the Water ».The Fisherman’s boat’s name called for a song. « Stoned » surely qualifed.Lets now get serious.The American Cemetary of Colleville. A monument. Moving.

Ten days after the official anniversary, we made it.
Monday, we return to Paris to start the second week.