Susan’s Summer 2019 Week 2

The week started slowly, nothing really special, enjoying the moment, preparing for the Tour de France.

Thursday June 20

Tomorrow is the big day, departure of our Tour de France and the beginning of Summer.
Needed to celebrate.In the village of Rochefort en Yveline, do not confuse with Roquefort World known for its Blue Cheese, we visited à nice restaurant : l’Eschu de Rohan.Susan started the discovery with a Foie Gras de Canard, the rest must remain off the records, it was politically incorrect.

Friday June 21

We are on the road again. Destination Annecy for the 30th Marriage Anniversary of a good buddy of mine.The back roads offered some invaluable points of interest. I am ready to bet that from this very picture, you cannot identify the spot.On the other hand, if you cannot do it with this picture, you should ask Google. I checked, it works.After leaving the area, in one of these back roads, we stopped in the forest and discovered pilgrim road to Santiago Compostella. Susan pretended she needed a moment of rest.

Saturday June 22

During the last hours on the road, we encountered torrential rain. Fortunately on the next morning the Sun was back.

A small hike close by to open the lungs.We drove to le col de la Forclaz where Susan discovered the play ground of Sail Gliding.Contrary to what my Tee Shirt pretends « I am here for the Scotch », I was here to offer Susan another point of view on the lake she flew over last year.Later in the afternoon, we walked in Annecy, had a small lunch.As Susan could not refrain from shopping, I could not refrain from simulating being bored while waiting outside.

Saturday Night Fever

Christian and Hélène, long time buddies, celebrated their Wedding 30th Anniversary.A not to be missed opportunity to meet them.To make sure that rain would not turn the feast into a wet disaster, a tent was set up.Obviously we shared a superb moment.

Sunday June 23

In order to minimize the amont of dump, Christian and Hélène called for a Brunch. This time, I took my swimming trunks and full of courage, jumped for a swim.With François, my buddie’s son, we tried to tell how deep the water is.Made it home by five PM to chill and get ready for tomorrow’s trip to Orange.