Susan’s Summer 2019 Week 10

Last week we decided to give a final answer (yes of course) to the following question :
Did you see Jim Morisson grave in Paris?To find the place, we just had to follow the crowd bound to the sanctuary.But is Jim Morisson the only one you should pay a tribute to? Of course not.
Earlier, as we were in the Montparnasse cemetery, we had hand picked a few places to honor.
This time we just walked randomly and ran into some Hall of Famers.
Victor Schoelcher for example, everyone in the universe knows him for his fight.
If you do not belong to the category « Everyone », click on the link above, you will understand why tou should revere his memory.While we are in a remembrance moment, let us pay a tribute to the non French who fought, with courage, in France, to save Liberty and Democracy.
Here, and do not think that I am overly chauvinist, let me ask you to join me and, together, pay a tribute to the Czech people.

After leaving the Père Lachaise, one of the two major Paris cemeteries, we walked down the rue du Chemin Vert and made two encounters. To be honest only the second one was planned.First stop.
To maintain the glamour reputation of Paris, this shop sells erotic books.
The shop was closed so we did not bring back a sample to share with you.The second stop is more emotional.
Here lived someone who will never be replaced in my memory.
Because our mothers were High School friends, with Patrick, we have shared good and excellent times for the last seven decades.
From cradle to the present moment. Can you say better?Susan loves art, so we made a stop in Barbizon. Please note that even the Post Office is Art.Art did I say?Probably yes.Barbizon is not far from Fontainebleau famous for its Château built by François I (pronounce François Premier). Here Napoleon abdicated the first time in April 1814.Back to Paris for a last walk before Susan returns to Florida. Of course a last fine lunch in our Tuxedo like attire.As a final smile, a forbidden picture.

Susan returned on August 15, we shall reunite in 5 weeks for a French family reunion in Florida in October.


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