USA New Flag

25 juin 2022

Black Friday for Women’s Rights


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    1. jlc Auteur de l’article

      Et oui Barbara, ce n’est pas fini.
      Désormais, la contraception, le mariage gay seront bientôt la cible de leur connerie.
      Pourvu qu’aux prochaines élections les crétins prennent une claque.

  1. Susan Umansky

    No one can convince me that the Judge’s decision was not deeply rooted in their religious beliefs. They claim to be open minded. They point to the technical reasons that R/W is not a constitutional right and must remove it from rights under the federal law… but I don’t believe it. Their asses are sitting on the bible and they are imposing their religious beliefs on all WOMAN of America…
    That’s not to say that men will not suffer as well. Men that take responsibility for an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy. Men that are now facing the reality that there is no way to backout of the mess that he and she created together.

    1. jlc Auteur de l’article

      Merci Susan, USA used to be the beacon of Liberty. They turned into what Pinocchio named a Shit Hole Country.
      Wake up USA, fuck, wake up!

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