2018 Susan’s Week 3

After the thunder struck the AC out, there was not much that could be done.
So we enjoyed the moment.Contemplation was one activity. Susan does it pretty well, she knows how to look at the scenery.Following the guy in charge, in his Citroen, a 1936 design, she went to the Airfield for a lunch in Albertville, one of John’s favorite.The Beef-eater got was he needed, she has a local fish with a white wine sauce. GOOD!And after balancing the bill, wee needed a farewell photo with the owner.

Two days later, as the AC got fixed, we needed to celebrate. And the best way to do it is to fly to one of the places I love: Mende.Mende, a little air field with a family restaurant, she cooks he servers, less than one hour away from Orange, in the middle of no where, one of spots everyone should know; where for under 30$ you can enjoy true an honest home made food.She started with Escargots, please US citizens, turn your head, it is a federal crime to eat snails, this is soooooo goooood, the Entrée was a Squid and Gambas, a glass of white wine. She requested a “Same Player Shoot Again” for her next trip.Please take a good note that she was not left alone. I ordered a Duck Magret. As we returned home, the locals advertised a Feast of the Rosé with a farm John Deer mock up.

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